The Faces of the Village has aligned with a number of businesses to establish vendor partnerships.  These partnerships will afford the organization an opportunity to bring a line of very unique and brand-worthy products.  Please take time to visit our vendor partner's sites and social media platforms to learn more about their products.  Once our product line is fully developed, we will offer them here on our site.  There will also be a sample of the products for you to see and pre-order.





A Full-Service Production Company From Photography To Video Production.  Including Software-Based Services Such As Video Editing, Photo Manipulation, Graphic Design, And Animation.


Light It Up! Photo Booth Rental

Are you ready to LIGHT UP your event?

Offering high quality Photo Booth rentals to all event types in Houston and its surrounding areas

Phone Number: (713) 487-6220

TJ's Eatery Onthgo

(The Official Food Service Provider of Faces)

We're cooking with you in mind♥
Plant-based menu options available

Hurricane Randi Sticker Co.
(Planner Stickers)
Etsy Shop

Charnele Brown's Acting School

Tri-wen Productions
She offers a 6 week session for $600
Ages 7yrs old and up
Includes: beginners, scene study, and private lessons


Nerdgirlchic Customized Pillows & More
Facebook page

Leslie's Furniture
Website (link and photos coming soon)
Facebook page


The Sugar Jar
Facebook page

Leslie Hall

Listing (Real Estate)
Facebook page

Waddell's Snack Shack
4105 W Orem
Houston, TX 77045
Chris Waddell 832-322-2782
Tuesday-Saturday 11am-7pm

Waddell's menu


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