Tofu Crumble-A quick, easy, versatile, and flavor packed recipe

On occasion, what we need is a trusty “go to” recipe.  Something that is quick, easy, versatile and packed with flavor.  In my search for ingredients to experiment with, I rediscovered tofu, learned a little bit about nutritional yeast, and capitalized my love for mushrooms and onions.  I have an egg allergy, which makes it difficult to enjoy breakfast sandwiches and breakfast tacos from most restaurants.  I wanted to come up with something that would fit perfectly into my meal prepping, keep me coming back, and provide the nutrients that I need.  What I came up with is my tofu crumble.  While this is not new to so many people.  It is new to me.  Here is what I did (disclaimer, there are no measurements included because everything is to taste.)


Extra Firm tofu
crumbled and sautéed

Onion, bell pepper (green, red, and orange),
and mushrooms-diced


Spring mix or whatever
greens you like-diced, and Cilantro-diced

Serrano pepper-diced


Toni’s seasoning (shhh, this is a secret blend of spices 😊)
Sometimes I include either rice, quinoa, potatoes, or a meat substitute to bulk it up.

Saute it all up in olive oil, place in a low carb, whole wheat tortilla with a slice of cheeses if you wish and enjoy.