Elder Ottis Mosley was denied the necessary assistance needed in his day to day life because he was over income.  After experiencing this denial, he hired someone whom he thought to be trustworthy as his home healthcare worker.  This person stole from him and cause major chaos in his life.  He felt unsafe, violated, and disrespected.  His fear is inevitably what contributed to his death.  Elder Mosley had Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Prostate Cancer, and High Blood Pressure.  The side effects of these illnesses caused shaking, narcolepsy, fatigue, and repeated hospitalization.  On December 19, 2010, while home alone, Elder Mosley fell causing his dialysis port to rupture and ultimately bled out.  There are so many factors about his story that could have possible prevented his untimely death.  But we honor him in our work, in hopes of helping others like him prevent fatal incidents such as this.  Here is a video about HIStory.