Health & Wellness Workshops

August 2017
Falltastic Wellness Workshop
St Jame's Place Apartments
3815 W Fuqua St
Houston, TX 77045

September 2017
Labor of Love Wellness Workshop
Location: TBD

October 2017
Harvest for Health Wellness Workshop
Location: TBD

November 2017
Thankful Thoughts Wellness Workshop
Location: TBD

Other Events

Inspire Fire Wellness Series

First Annual Father's Day Luncheon
Jacob's Home for Men
June 17, 2017 12:30p-2p
High Volume Music Live

Donations made by: Leslie's Furniture, TJ's Eatery Onthago, The Daughter's of Solomon Chapter #1, and The Faces of the Village

Community Events

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March 5, 2017